Weather Safety Action Plan

Charleston Elite Lacrosse - Weather Safety Action Plan

Last Updated September 10th, 2023


Objective: To ensure the safety of our players, coaches, and staff during adverse weather conditions, particularly during lightning storms, Charleston Elite Lacrosse has established the following Weather and Lightning Delay Protocol.


  1. Monitoring Weather Conditions:

Weather conditions will be continuously monitored by designated coaches or staff members visually & by using reliable weather monitoring tools or apps. Lightning detection technology will be used to track the distance of lightning strikes from our practice location.

  1. Lightning Alert Threshold:

When lightning is detected within a 6-mile radius of our practice location, a lightning alert will be given and this Weather Safety Action Plan will be initiated.

  1. Lightning Alert Procedure:
  • When a lightning alert is initiated, coaches will immediately gather all players and staff at the practice location.
  • Players will be directed to cease all on-field activities.
  • Coaches will calmly instruct players to move to the nearest covered shelter area as quickly and safely as possible.
  1. Shelter and Roll Call:
  • The designated shelter area will be a location where players can be protected from lightning strikes (e.g., a nearby building, dugout, or covered pavilion).
  • Coaches will take attendance to ensure accountability of all players and staff members.
  • Players will remain in the shelter area until further notice.
  1. Parental Involvement:
  • Parents who are present at the practice location are encouraged to stay with their children in the designated shelter area.
  • If parents prefer, they may take their child (After roll call muster) to their vehicle for additional safety during the delay.
  1. Communication:
  • The primary method of communication for weather and lightning delays will be through the team communication app, "SportsYou."
  • If phones are not working (too wet, too much rain, cell reception poor), verbal communication and instruction will be given by Coaching staff.
  • Coaches or staff members will provide regular updates to parents and players via the app as a primary tool.
  • Updates will include information on the status of the delay, when it is safe to return to practice, or if practice is canceled for the day.
  1. Safe Return to Practice:
  • Practice will only resume when the lightning alert has cleared and there have been no lightning strikes within a 6-mile radius for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Coaches will provide instructions for players to return to the field safely.
  1. Practice Cancellation:
  • If weather conditions do not improve or if it is deemed unsafe to continue practice, coaches will communicate the practice cancellation through the SportsYou app (primary) or verbally (secondary).
  • Parents will be informed about the cancellation and instructed on the pickup procedure.
  1. Emergency Procedures:

In the event of severe weather conditions, such as tornado warnings or other emergencies, coaches and staff will follow emergency procedures as outlined by local authorities and emergency services.

  1. Review and Training:
  • Coaches and staff members will be trained in the Weather Safety Action Plan & Lightning Delay Protocol to ensure a quick and organized response.
  • This protocol will be reviewed and updated as needed to reflect the latest safety guidelines and best practices.

By implementing this Weather Safety Action Plan and Lightning Delay Protocol, Charleston Elite Lacrosse aims to prioritize the safety and well-being of our players and staff during adverse weather conditions while maintaining effective communication with par